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Monday, September 13, 2004

TriciaPaLynn's Crochet World

Ok, now I have joined the blogger community. Aren't you excited to hear tales of my life and adventures? My goal is to post what crochet projects I am working on, and just for spice, tell you about the goings on in the rest of my life. (Can you get a Pulitzer Prize for Blogging?)

Besides crocheting, I am in my third semester at Guilford Technical Community College. My first tests of the semester were today - in World Religions and General Astronomy. I feel pretty good about both. (Although don't ask me why we have seasons... I think I got that part wrong. Astronomy is much harder than I had anticipated.)

Oh, and NASCAR will make its way into the blog occasionally. The Chase for the Championship is now on and Matt Kenseth is in 5th place. Go Matty! Yesterday's race in Richmond was interesting, especially with Jimmie Johnson crashing. Now if Gordon and Junior would just crash a few times in the next races, I would be so very happy.